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        Hey, I'm Ian.

        I believe in the power of a photograph. Through all things, I've found my happiest moments to be shared with good friends out in the elements, enjoying all that nature has to offer. I want others to share these experiences with me, and that's why the camera never leaves my side, no matter where I am today, or where I'll be tomorrow.

        The Basics
        What is your education?
        What are your Aspirations?
        Where are you based?
        What are your inspirations?
        James Madison University, Class of 2017
        I attended JMU and graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Design while concentrating in Digital Video and Cinema.

        Who am I?

        Well, the answer to that is always changing.

        I love to learn.  I firmly believe that no matter how hard I try, I will never reach the pinnacle.  There will always be something to improve upon.  This might sound exhausting, and  yes, it can be. But I choose to look at it this way -- for as long as I live, I will continually be learning, continually be improving myself as a person, a photographer, a friend, an educator, a brother, a partner... and the idea of never peaking, of always finding new doors to open, that makes up for everything else.

        Molly, my Love

        While we're on the subject of my identity, I can't continue without mentioning this one girl -- Molly O'Toole.

        We've been together nearly 5 years now, have travelled across the country 3 times together, and have climbed our fair share of mountains, both physically and emotionally. Through it all, she has always been there to support me as a partner and as a creative. And for that, she deserves this sweet little tribute! Wow, I'm such a great boyfriend.

        To check out some of Molly and I's work together, be sure to visit